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Although we usually save this space for more well-known personalities, we do occasionally use Friday Fives for people that we think deserve to be more well-known. Such is the case for today’s guest, Megan Collins, AKA Style Girlfriend.

Megan has built a dedicated following around a smart but simple concept – most guys need help figuring out how to dress. The thing is, lots of regular dudes simply don’t know where to turn for advice. Esquire? Maybe ten years ago. Mr Porter? Only for the advanced. The mostly likely scenario is that most men will rely on the female in their life to make sure they don’t leave the house looking like a slob. Style Girlfriend plays the role of that female. The only difference is that with her, you actually have a say in the matter.

We think you’ll find Megan’s combination of fashion sense and humor entertaining regardless of your gender, so follow her on Twitter and Instagram, and check out her five favorite Greenpoint #EEEEEATS below. At the very least, take some of her style advice and dump those American Eagle cargo shorts. You look like Mario Batali without the money.

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