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Marlow and Sons

Marlow & Sons

81 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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August 3, 2009

It’s official, we need to get to Brooklyn more often. I can’t believe we’ve been sleepin’ on Marlow. I knew it was on the second I laid eyes on this place, before I’d consumed any food or drink. Marlow my friend, you had me at hello. It’s friendly and inviting; a funky oyster bar relatively small in size but big on personality. A fitting selection of funk, soul and electro sets the mood. As I look around, soak in the positive vibe and notice all the quirky antiques and liquor bottles lining the walls, it feels like a nice hybrid between San Francisco and NY. The employees are just as much Bedford Ave as they are Mission district and look like the kind of group who’d be a good time to kick it with. Even if the food wasn’t good, I’d happily come back to hang here. The fact that the food is great is an added bonus. If your approach to life is the same as ours – work hard, play hard, relax hard – then you’ll appreciate what Marlow brings to the table. Discovering places like this is what the Infatuation is all about. Before my wedding, I’m bringing my wedding party here for whisky and oysters.

Food Rundown:

Their raw bar, like the entire menu, changes daily to keep things fresh and interesting. On our recent trip we had some of the biggest and baddest oysters we’ve shot in years. Their roster on that specific night were Barcat, complete monsters from Virginia and Saint Simon, a smaller, saltier oyster that’s one of Marlow’s favorites, courtesy of Prince Edward Island.

Steak Tartar
This special was awesome. Up there with the Steak Tartar we had recently at Commerce and in another league than Minetta Tavern’s. A very large portion served with potatoes and toasted flat bread. Apparently this is a recurring special; it’s just always served differently. I have a feeling that regardless of how this is prepared, it’s worth getting every time.

Brick Chicken
It’s permanently on the menu, but again, always prepared differently. Ours was pan roasted with a mixture of different herbs and spices and served with potatoes and greens. A nice, juicy piece of meat, but not something you’d come back for. The atmosphere, the vibe, the drinks and the oysters are what we’re going back for.

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