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Bark Hot Dogs1

Bark Hot Dogs

474 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

January 20, 2010

When you think about it, Bark is a genius concept. Kids freak out over hot dogs, so why not set up shop in the most fertile section of Brooklyn? We counted an equal ratio of strollers to oversized headphones, a telling sign of a successful Park Slope operation. I don’t know that I’ve ever wolfed down multiple hot dogs, fries, half a burger and a malt shake and felt so good afterward.

The key to Bark being the best new dog in show is their attention to detail. Josh Sharkey and co. are crafting wieners with a serious fire and desire. They grind their meat fresh every morning and slow cook each dog on a griddle to maximize flavor. They brew their own beer, pickle their own cucumbers, concoct all kinds of special sauces and only use recycled products in their restaurant. Bark is taking “fast food” to a whole other level. Speaking of pickles, Snooki where you at? We’re ready for you on an Immaculate Infatuation Pickles Across the City tour. First stop, Bark.

Food Rundown:

Hot Dogs
Every dog on the menu comes in a buttered, toasted bun and is worth sinking your teeth into, but our favorites include the NYC Classic with sweet & sour onions and mustard, the Bark Dog with sweet pepper relish, mustard and chopped raw onions the Chili Cheese Dog with chili, cheddar and raw onions, and my personal favorite, the Pickle Dog with house pickles, mustard and mayo. The dogs are a mixture of pork shoulder, pork jowel and beef shoulder. After slowly cooking on the griddle, the dogs are finished with a basting of Bark Seasoning Butter (AKA heart attack butter) – pork fat that’s smoked and rendered into lard, then whipped with butter and sea salt. If pork isn’t for you, they also serve an All Beef Dog (beef shoulder and beef shank) and a Veggie Dog (roasted mushroom with chickpea topping and pickled garlic mayo).

Although hot dogs are Bark’s namesake, their burger gives the dogs a run for their money. It tastes like a BK Whopper, only way better. Once again, Bark’s attention to detail is on full display. They mix together organic beef short ribs, beef top round and pork jowel and serve their burger on a sesame seed bun with lettuce, chopped Bark dill pickles, Bark bread and butter pickles, red onion and a secret special sauce.

Dark and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, you’ll be eating these thin fried potatoes by the fistful. The gravy and cheese smothered disco fries are ridiculous as well.

Onion Rings
These more closely resemble small funnel cakes than they do onion rings. That doesn’t suck.

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