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  1. Spitzer's

    Spitzer’s Corner

    101 Rivington St., Lower East Side, NY 10002

    Once you get past the rigorous ID checking policy and the ridiculously wide bench seats that require a gymnastics routine to get in and out of…you are in for a treat. Spitzer’s is home to some of the best bar food in the city.

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  2. Old Town

    Old Town Bar

    45 E. 18th St., Gramercy, NY 10003

    Over a century of Big Apple history lies within these walls, saturated into their prohibition-era marble bar and stained all over their vintage urinals and toilets. Old Town’s no frills formula has been working for generations. It’s all about the company you keep and beer you drink.

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  3. Kingswood


    121 W. 10th St., West Village, NY 10011

    Wow. How did we not know that Kingswood is such a scene? There are so many single ladies circling that bar that it feels like a perfume-laden shark tank. There’s blood in the water and I’m scared.

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  4. Bill's Bar & Burger Midtown

    Bill’s Bar & Burger Midtown

    16 W. 51st St., Midtown, NY 10020

    You might remember our review of the original Bill’s Bar & Burger. Make special note of the part where we talk about how we’re glad this place isn’t in our neighborhood – what with our affinity for burgers and complete lack of self control. So much for that. Bill just opened a mega-restaurant 200 yards […]

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  5. Walkers


    16 N Moore St., Tribeca, NY 10013

    In a Manhattan neighborhood that’s undergone a modern facelift over the last twenty years, it’s good to know not everything has changed. With the exception of a couple of new flat screens, Walker’s is pretty much exactly the same as your Pops left it back in the day when this tavern was the place to […]

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  6. Bonnie's Grill

    Bonnie’s Grill

    278 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215

    We love the chicken wing here at Immaculate Infatuation, and we’re always on the hunt for a satisfying pile of good ones. Unfortunately, there isn’t much saucy satisfaction to be had in this city. Most wings around here suck worse than an episode of Top Chef Texas. There are some serviceable options here and there, […]

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  7. Randolph Beer

    Randolph Beer

    343 Broome St., Chinatown, NY 10013

    Concert going population of NYC, may we please have your attention. We’ve found the official Bowery Ballroom pre-game spot: Randolph Beer. This sleek new beer bar has a crazy selection of craft brews we’ve never heard of – always the mark of a watering hole where we want to drink. Additionally, they have a full […]

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  8. Shopsin's


    120 Essex St, Lower East Side, NY 10002

    Shopsin’s, wow. What a hoot this joint is. It’s a counter with some stools, a couple of ghetto tables, and a menu of over 900 ridiculous creations including taco fried steak, mac ‘n cheese pancakes, and bread pudding french toast. Located inside the grimey Essex Street Market, it’s run by a cranky old bag named […]

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  9. Reservoir


    70 University Place, Union Square, NY 10003

    Looking for a good place to post up for a night of grubbing, game watching, and beer drinking? This is your spot. On a good day, Reservoir boasts some of the city’s best Buffalo wings and perfect waffle fries.

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  10. Black Iron Burger

    Black Iron Burger

    540 E. 5th St, East Village, NY 10009

    A pretty good burger, especially if you’re wandering home after a late night in the East Village.

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