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  1. Extra Virgin

    Extra Virgin

    259 W. 4th St. #1, West Village, NY 10014

    Extra Virgin is an Immaculate Infatuation approved establishment for two main reasons. First, this place kills when it comes to fish. Second, it’s the world’s greatest date spot.

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  2. Tanoreen


    7523 3rd Ave., Bay Ridge, NY 11209

    Damn. People really love Tanoreen. And I mean loooove it. You know how I can tell? I actually know people that have been there, and it’s in Bay Ridge. Not too long ago, Kim Kardashian could have been handing out free lottery tickets and Chipwiches from a truck in Bay Ridge and I still probably […]

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  3. Terroir


    413 E. 12th St, East Village, NY 10009

    Having already professed our love for Terrior Tribeca, it should come as no suprise that we back the original in the East Village just as hard. We generally ignore wine bars. For the most part, wine bars are like sports bars; they’re all the same. Most lack two very important qualities – personality and good […]

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  4. August


    359 Bleecker St., West Village, NY 10014

    When Gail Simmons hit us with her Friday Fives, she listed August as her Chronic Brunch pick. Smart woman. She made us realize that even though August has long been a staple in our lives, a review seems to have slipped through the cracks. It’s time to rectify this situation right now. Everyone loves August. […]

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  5. Terroir Tribeca

    Terroir Tribeca

    24 Harrison St., Tribeca, NY 10013

    We’re not usually crazy about wine bars. There are a few on this site that we can get behind, but generally we stay away. Why? Well first of all, there aren’t many that serve good food, and it’s rare that we’re heading out to drink without some serious eating on the agenda as well. Second, […]

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  6. Glasserie


    95 Commercial St., Brooklyn, NY 11222

    A wise person (my mom) once told me that an effective way to make up your mind about something is to make a list of pros and cons, review it, and then make your decision based on which column has the most convincing things in it. I’ve applied that to many important decisions in my […]

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  7. The Smile

    The Smile

    26 Bond St., NoHo, NY 10012

    A relatively new “cafe and mixed use concept store” on Bond St. What does that mean? Well, it’s a rustic space that serves food and also sells housewares and nick-nacks to the coolest people you have ever seen. Essentially, it’s hipster Cracker Barrel.

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  8. Salinas, NYC


    136 9th Ave., Chelsea, NY 10011

    Chelsea is a challenging neighborhood when it comes to eating. We’re usually only here before an event at Madison Square Garden or because a large group of females we know felt like eating tapas – and this is where large groups of females go to eat tapas. Why on earth are there so many Spanish […]

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  9. Taboon


    773 10th Ave., Hell's Kitchen, NY 10019

    We’ve got a handful of spots that we like in Hell’s Kitchen, and there are definitely a few that we still need to hit up. But right now, Taboon is at the top of our list in the ‘hood. That says a lot for the food, considering the restaurant itself lacks most qualities of a […]

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  10. Amali


    115 E. 60th St., Upper East Side, NY 10022

    You know what never happens on the Upper East Side? Aside from women aging gracefully? Walking into a restaurant that’s playing Lykke Li. We’re calling in an early review today (Amali has been open just about two weeks as we write this), but we felt it necessary as we are bullish on this place. You’ve […]

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