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  1. Russ & Daughters

    Russ & Daughters

    179 East Houston Street, Lower East Side, NY 10002

    When the lights went out and the water came flooding, we couldn’t help but wonder if this could be it. If Sandy were to permanently conquer lower Manhattan, what would we have missed the most? A bagel with belly lox, cream cheese, tomato and capers from Russ & Daughters, the LES institution of smoked fish […]

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  2. Lamazou


    370 3rd Ave., Murray Hill, NY 10016

    One of the best places to grab a sandwich in Murray Hill. The lines can be long during weekday lunch, but the wait is entirely worthwhile.

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  3. Rocket Pig

    Rocket Pig

    463 W. 24th St., Chelsea, NY 10001

    You know that restaurant Trestle on Tenth? Didn’t think so. Unless you’ve been living in deep West Chelsea for a while or happen to love Swiss-American cuisine, it’s not a place that tends to be top of mind for most people. That’s not to say that it isn’t a good restaurant. New Yorkers just don’t […]

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  4. Katz's Deli

    Katz’s Deli

    205 E. Houston Street, Lower East Side, NY 10002

    As the lower east side slowly morphs into Seaside Heights, there’s one thing that stands pat – for now at least. Katz’s Deli isn’t just a glutenous Classic NYC Establishment, it’s a landmark that deserves government funding at this point. Rumors of its potential “the rent is too damn high” demise return every year, but, […]

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  5. 6320467659_67b6f3a5e0_b


    248 Mulberry St., Nolita, NY 10012

    We already know that the fellas behind Torrisi run our kind of restaurant and serve our kind of food, so it’s not big surprise that we love Parm, their new Italian sandwich shop. Simple Italian food is a lost art in NYC. You might find chicken parmesan, baked ziti and mozzarella sticks at your sh*tty […]

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  6. The Meatball Shop

    The Meatball Shop

    84 Stanton Street, Lower East Side, NY 10002

    A restaurant on the Lower East Side operating with the sole purpose of turning out ridiculously good meatballs and presenting you a few options in which to consume them.

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  7. Little Collins

    Little Collins

    667 Lexington Ave., Midtown, NY 10022

    Do a quick internet search with the words “Australia,” “coffee,” and “NYC” and you’ll see about twenty versions of the same article pop up on the topic of Australian coffee culture invading New York. We’ll save you some reading with a summary: Sydney and Melbourne have better coffee than New York, and smart people are […]

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  8. Terroir


    413 E. 12th St, East Village, NY 10009

    Having already professed our love for Terrior Tribeca, it should come as no suprise that we back the original in the East Village just as hard. We generally ignore wine bars. For the most part, wine bars are like sports bars; they’re all the same. Most lack two very important qualities – personality and good […]

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  9. 2nd Ave Deli

    2nd Ave Deli

    162 E. 33rd St., Murray Hill, NY 10016

    My Grandma was not happy when the clock struck midnight and the original 2nd Ave Deli unceremoniously turned into a Chase bank. She’d been a regular on 2nd Ave and 10th street since her NYU days in the 1940′s, and felt tradition deserved more respect than that. She wasn’t the only one channeling nostalgic rage; […]

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  10. Terroir Tribeca

    Terroir Tribeca

    24 Harrison St., Tribeca, NY 10013

    We’re not usually crazy about wine bars. There are a few on this site that we can get behind, but generally we stay away. Why? Well first of all, there aren’t many that serve good food, and it’s rare that we’re heading out to drink without some serious eating on the agenda as well. Second, […]

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