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  1. Marea


    240 Central Park S, Columbus Circle, NY 10019

    Marea definitely needs some good Infatuation press…they haven’t gotten much love lately. Makes you wonder if people around these parts have even heard of it. I mean, it’s only been awarded Best New Restaurant in America by the James Beard Foundation. While we haven’t yet logged enough hours on the road to make that kind […]

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  2. 20120322-002821.jpg

    Neptune Oyster

    63 Salem St., Boston, MA 02110

    For a moment, we are going to put aside our natural, New York bred distaste for all things Boston, and give some love to one of our favorite restaurants in the country. But only for a moment, because it will take every ounce of my being to keep from talking sh*t about Tom Brady at […]

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  3. Son Of A Gun

    Son Of A Gun

    8370 W. 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

    Infatuation west coast may still be a ways away, but it’s time Son Of A Gun joined it’s older brother, Animal, as the only two LA restaurants with proper Immaculate reviews. We’ve been doing a lot of LA eating lately, and while there are definitely some good spots, many big buzz restaurants like A Frame […]

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  4. Maison Premiere

    Maison Premiere

    298 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Either we’ve aged into silver haired, 30-something hipsters overnight or Williamsburg is just more on our wavelength lately than Manhattan. As you’re well aware, we love drinking almost as much as eating and right now, there’s no better place to find our two beloved pastimes working together in sweet harmony than The Burg. Marlow & […]

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  5. Hurricane + Upstate 021

    Upstate Beer & Oyster Bar

    95 1st Ave., East Village, NY 10003

    You might be wondering how it’s possible to grade a world renowned restaurant like wd~50 on the same scale as we would a tiny oyster and beer bar in the East Village. It’s quite simple, actually. Regardless of the level of sophistication or style of cuisine at any given establishment, it all comes down to […]

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  6. Prima


    58 E. 1st St, East Village, NY 10003

    We’ve always been fans of The Summit Bar, however we never reviewed it because the food menu is tiny and the door/bouncer/crowd scenario most nights is unbearable. Thankfully, the kings of cocktail decided it was time to add something a little more gastronomic to their resume. We love a pleasant surprise and that’s exactly what […]

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  7. Crave Fishbar

    Crave Fishbar

    945 2nd Ave., Midtown East, NY 10022

    A little background before we dive into this. Crave Fishbar is the followup to the short lived Crave Ceviche Bar. Sadly, Crave Ceviche Bar died an early death due to an unfortunate crane collapse on 50th St. and 2nd Ave. about five years ago. It was a shame for a lot of reasons, one of […]

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  8. Mary's Fish Camp

    Mary’s Fish Camp

    64 Charles St., New York, NY 10014

    Mary’s is the rare authentic feeling fish house around these parts, and as far as we’re concerned, is one of the best seafood jams in Manhattan.

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  9. The Clam

    The Clam

    420 Hudson St., West Village, NY 10014

    The Clam is unfortunately not a restaurant by the sea. Nor is it a Family Guy themed bar where people come and get hammered with their hilarious dogs, which is probably even more disappointing. It is, however, another quaint restaurant in the West Village from the folks who brought you the quaintest* of West Village […]

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  10. The John Dory Oyster Bar

    The John Dory Oyster Bar

    1196 Broadway, Flatiron, NY 10001

    For the average restaurateur, the first incarnation of The John Dory would have been quite the accomplishment – tons of press coverage, a steady flow of customers…who cares if the reviews were mixed? But that wasn’t exactly what Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield had in mind. These two aren’t just after success; the name of […]

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