Today we bring you another Friday Fives from the world of music, and one that we’re particularly fired up about. We met Emily a few months ago, and while we’ve been fans of her band Metric for some time, we quickly discovered that we’re also big fans of this girl’s taste in NYC restaurants. Lucky for us (and you), Emily decided to take some time to give us her go-to spots around the city, and she went deep. We’ve yet to visit all but one of these places, but now they’re all officially on the hit list. They should be on yours too.

If, somehow, you haven’t yet discovered Metric’s music and/or witnessed a live show, here’s what you need to do: go get your hands on Fantasies, and see the band at one of the upcoming shows they’ll be playing with Muse in October. After that and these Friday Fives picks – you’ll be a believer too.

Emily’s “Perfect For” Picks

Quality Fish

Soto (357 6th Ave.) – “I live in the west village, and forever I thought this place was an art gallery, so clever is their clean disguise. There’s no sign out front, and you have to be inside the place to see what it is. Behind the facade is a no-bullshit sushi restaurant which, in my opinion, schools a lot of the other high-end places in town. There is usually no music playing, the staff are warm and helpful, and the chefs are seriously all business. I’ve been there about a dozen times and it is consistently excellent. Nice selection of limited run seasonal sake as well.”

Eats with a View

BG (754 5th Ave.) – “My fascination with those buildings that line central park is undiminished. The little old ladies lunching is a world so alien to me, I love to catch the glimpse. Sit by the window in one of the yellow wingback chairs and marvel at how realtors still haven’t managed to turn the Sheep’s Meadow into condos.”

Outdoor/Patio Situation

Il Buco (47 Bond St.) – “Il Buco is my local, and even though there are only two tables out front, it is by far my favorite place to dine outdoors. We go early evening, and there’s something about the light at the end of the day there that evokes what’s romantic about Manhattan. The black kale salad is next level simple perfection. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of Chuck Close. He’s a regular.”

Dining Solo

B&H Dairy (127 2nd Ave.) – “Still depressed that CBGB’s is now a clothing store? Put on a beige trench coat and sit alone at the counter at B&H, the vegetarian establishment of sepia yesterdays that calls itself a dairy. Have a split pea soup, half a loaf of fresh made challah bread with three inches of butter, a black coffee and a piece of pie. You’ll feel like Ben Katchor’s Julius Knipl in no time, even if you’re a girl.”

Good Vibes

Elsa (NOW CLOSED) (217 E. 3rd St.) – “The last time I was at Elsa ’til 4, it was just our table and the bartender playing emotional classics like old Pixies jams from his personal collection and offering us cocktails in glasses ‘rinsed’ with absinth. The time before that there was a couple in the back that were only one pair of jeans away from screwing on the bench. The bartender yelled at them and everybody laughed. Guess you can file Elsa under ‘drunk hook ups’ as well.”

Emily’s Twitter People

@mehpatrol – NYC writer Caryn Ganz. She’s whip smart and she cracks me up. Wrote a book on the Pixies, calls bullshit on bullshit. Solid individual.

@brantleyg – Photographer/director. Travels around with folks like Paul McCartney and U2 filming their behind-the-scenes lives. Works with Metric on lots of projects.

@robsheff – My favorite rock critic/music journalist. Second only to Lester Bangs.

@amnesty – Gotta keep an eye on the real world and the real people in it.

@greenliving – Ideas for greening modern life.

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