When we started doing Friday Fives a few years back, the idea was to take someone really high profile (actor, musician, political figure) and show you that they are a food obsessed bad ass with really good taste just like yourself. We like to think that it’s been a successful endeavor so far, considering that we’ve had some really famous people take the time to sort through our absurd “Perfect For” categories. We’re always entertained by the idea of a big celebrity’s publicist trying to explain to them what the Drunk Hook Ups category might mean.

But for all the household names and personal role models we’ve had for Friday Fives, we’ve found that the best ones are always the ones where we say to ourselves, “sh*t I wish I would have written that.” This happens to be exactly one of those moments. Meet Nate Ruess (center), lead singer of fun.

We asked Nate for a Friday Fives a few weeks ago, mainly because we love his band. Fun.’s single “We Are Young” is one of the best songs we’ve heard in a really long time, and it’s about to be fully on once their album Some Nights comes out on February 21st. Basically, this is a band that you need to know about. What we didn’t know is that Nate is not only pretty decent at music, but he’s excellent at both eating food and writing things for our website. Pretty much every restaurant pick and everything he has to say about it made us mad we didn’t say it. So check out Nate’s “Perfect For” picks, and make sure to get the fun. album when it comes out this month. Also check back for Nate’s monthly column for Immaculate Infatuation that he doesn’t know about yet. It’s gonna be awesome.

Nate’s “Perfect For” Picks

Date Night

Piccolo Angolo (621 Hudson St.) – “Perfect for date night – that is if you and your date are content with ending the night moaning things like, “Let’s just go home and watch Frasier.” I once saw the Sopranos guy here and was too busy enjoying the goat cheese ravioli to really think about how cliché it was.”

Damn Good Steaks

The Knickerbocker (33 University Place) – “Having two parents from Iowa really took the joy and luxury out of eating steak, but nothing has even come close to re-instilling that like The Knickerbocker has. Used twice a year for something we uncreatively like to call “Guys Night,” the added bonus is watching Jack’s uncle suck on the T-bone. That’s normal, right?”

Late Night Eats

Bereket (187 E Houston St.) – “Coming from Arizona, where the taco stands were the perfect place to delay the inevitable bed spins, it was hard at first to find something greasy, spicy, cheap, and open late (and lord knows the Mexican here is fucking garbage). Fortunately after a show one time at Mercury Lounge, we walked the party over to Bereket. Now it just wouldn’t be a regrettable night out unless it ended with me trying to articulate how badly I need one of their gyros.”

People Watching

Quatorze (323 E 79th St.) – “Without hesitation, my favorite dish, at my favorite restaurant, in my favorite city. Boasting an eclectic older crowd that you wouldn’t expect from the Upper East Side, Quatorze tastes like a Woody Allen movie. My girlfriend and I’s goal in life is to steal the recipe for their Boeuf Bourguignon. But even if we were to succeed in making it just as good as they do, it would never stop us from coming back here.”

Outdoor/Patio Situation

Half King (505 W 23rd St.) – “The best place to step away from a take and get a breath of fresh air. One time after a Phish concert (I knew there would come a day where I’d have the privilege of starting a sentence like that) Jack and I, completely second-hand stoned, wandered in here and ordered 5 different GIANT appetizers. Of course we finished them all, but what about the dessert?.”

Nate’s Twitter People

I don’t have a twitter handle, but it doesn’t stop me from occasionally stalking people. With that being said, here are 5 people I feel are worth stalking…

@andrewdost – Sure he’s my band mate and my best friend, but he also gets alternative comedy. Follow him, and he will lead you to more alt comedy than a night watching the cartoon network.

@WojYahooNBA – I’m NBA obsessed, and I turn to Woj to keep me up to date on anything that’s happening around the league.

@JeffBhasker – The producer of our album Some Nights, Jeff has been known to get drunk and (against my behest) tweet things about some of his contemporaries that end up running along the bottom scrolly thingy on BET.

@rachelantonoff – The best designer ever (no, I don’t wear dresses, but she took a shot in the dark and made me the greatest suit ever), plus she loves bathroom humor!!!!

@theNateHarold – Our bass player. At least once a day he says something like “Did you see my tweet….?”, and to be honest of course I didn’t, to be even more honest, I DONT use twitter, I don’t even stalk people, I’m googling these people’s twitter names just to have a list. Where was I? Oh yeah, he (as he was capable of doing any other time during the day) says aloud what he wrote on twitter, and fortunately for all of us, it’s always funny.

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