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Passion Pit

Passion Pit

Our Infatuation with Passion Pit started early. All it took was one listen to “Sleepyhead” and we were in it for the long haul. Their debut album, Manners, was one our favorite releases of 2009, and we used their addicting single “Little Secrets” as the soundtrack to our first ever video, Cookies Across The City. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited that Ian Hultquist, the band’s keyboard player/guitarist (left of the piano in the photo), took the time to drop his go-to restaurant picks on us. We learn from our friends, and there are definitely some spots in this list that we need to check out.

If you don’t already own it, it’s never too late to buy Manners. It’s currently on sale at Amazon for $5. And to keep up with all the latest, make sure to follow both Passion Pit’s band twitter and Ian’s personal twitter too.

Ian’s “Perfect For” Picks

Chronic Brunch

Beast (638 Bergen Street – Brooklyn, NY 11238) – “$12 for a giant portion of chorizo hash browns with eggs, home fries, salad, a strong bloody mary, and endless cups of coffee sounds about right.”

Quick Eats

Calexico Cart (Prince Street at Wooster St.) – “The not-so-secret-anymore secret burrito cart that is capable of producing the most mouth watering burritos I’ve ever had. Make sure you get the crack sauce with your carne asada.”

Classic NYC Establishment

Joe’s Shanghai (9 Pell St.) – “Joe’s Soup Dumplings have saved me from illness on three separate occasions. Definitely the most effective when eaten in the middle of winter, however they taste just as good all year long. They are insanely cheap too!”

Friday/Saturday Drinks & Dinner

Blue Ribbon Brooklyn (278 5th Ave. – Brooklyn, NY 11215) -”Delicious, manly meat. They have loads of other options as well, sea food, salads, etc. But you know the whole reason you are there is for the Brisket.”

Adventurous Eating

Bklyn Larder (228 Flatbush Ave. – Brooklyn, NY 11217) – “I don’t know what half of the stuff in here is, but I do know that I want to eat all of it. They make an amazing meatball sub too. “

Ian’s Twitter People

@BreakingNews – One of the reasons I got into twitter in the first place was because it had the ability to share information extremely fast. Breaking News pools from numerous sources letting us know what’s going on as soon as it happens.

@GaryJBusey – This guy’s brain is in the gutter, he is out of his mind, and he knows it.

@RL_Stine – The infamous creator of the Goosebumps book series. He’s found a new way of storytelling by splitting short stories into two or three parts and tweeting them in series. Still on top!

@ConanOBrien – Who needs a major television network, when you have the internet to share all of your hilarious jokes with?

@comingsoonnet – I like to keep up with movie & TV news, this is how you do that. Almost like Breaking News but for Movies!