Anyone who subscribes to our Spotify playlists or follows Steinthal on Twitter are probably aware that Tegan and Sara have a new album out this week. An album that’s f*cking great, which we can take our PR hat off and say that with a straight face. If you haven’t discovered their single “Closer” yet, welcome to your new favorite song.

We’ve been fans of Tegan and Sara since the day we first heard the opening guitar strum of “Walking With The Ghost” nearly a decade ago. Occasionally our gigs in the music biz give us the opportunity to work with artists we truly love, and Tegan and Sara are a perfect example. We have the utmost respect for twin sisters Quin. They’ve built a base of incredibly loyal fans over the years mainly due to the consistent quality of their music, but also thanks to their unique ability to bring people close to them and make them feel like they’re part of something special. Those diehards are going to have to learn to share though, as Tegan and Sara’s moment of mainstream breakthrough is upon us. Music this good can only stay a relative secret for so long.

Although originally from Calgary, Sara now calls the Upper West Side home and, like the rest of us, spends much of her rare free time dining out. As you can see by her picks and accompanying explanations, girl fits in quite well around these Infatuation parts. We’ve definitely woke up lying in bed fully clothed with our shoes on after a couple too many bottles of wine at Casa Mono before too. To keep up with the latest follow Tegan and Sara on Twitter, “Like” them on Facebook and again, buy their new album. You’ll thank us later.

Tegan and Sara’s “Perfect For” Picks

Celebrity Sightings

Acme (9 Great Jones St.) – “It turns out that the celebrity sighting I thought I was having at Acme was not in fact Sarah Jessica Parker but just another example of me needing to see an optometrist immediately. I told our waiter multiple times that the food I was eating was “the best thing I have ever tasted,” and rest assured that my excitement about the meal had nothing to do with thinking Sarah Jessica Parker was sitting at the table next to us. I quite honestly was astounded by EVERYTHING I ate that night! Highlights for me were the Chicken and Eggs and the Farmer’s Eggs. One note: If you have vertigo and/or a slight aversion to the tripped out video Tom Petty made for “Mary Jane’s Last Dance,” be warned about the downstairs hallway that leads to the bar.”

Cheap Eats

Vanessa’s Dumpling’s House (220 E 14th St. #1) – “When I was living on the Lower East Side I used to eat at Vanessa’s almost every day. I still shake my head in total bewilderment when they tell you the price of your meal, because it feels like you are stealing from them. It’s that cheap. I used to put so much Sriracha Hot Sauce on my dumplings so no one would find it strange that I was sitting in the corner crying while eating them.”

Neighborhood Hang

Celeste (502 Amsterdam Ave.) – “This is my favorite spot on the Upper West Side. It’s always crammed, and even in the dead of winter they make you stand patiently on the sidewalk outside. There’s even a cork trick that one of the waiters does that still makes me giggle like a pre-teen at a magic show. The food is super straight-forward, and so is the staff, and I love it.”

Small Plates

Casa Mono (52 Irving Place) – “I think this restaurant had small plates. Whatever size they were, the food was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the atmosphere and would happily go back again. What burned this dining experience into my mind was the *Hangover* experience my dining companion and I had following the meal. I guess we were a little TOO excited by the small plates and drank ourselves a few too many cocktails. The next memory I have is of waking up at 1am in my bed on top of the covers fully clothed. No one knows what happened during those lost hours, except I definitely took the garbage out and watched half an episode of Teen Mom 2.”

Classic NYC Establishment

Lil’ Frankies (19 1st Ave.) – “I consider this a classic establishment because I’ve been there more than 5 times. I’m not sure what the criteria is, but, I keep coming back, and I love all the other sister restaurants they have as well. It’s intimate and dark and the food is killer. I could probably fit this joint into any half dozen other categories but it’s the perfect place for a quick late night meal, a pre or post show dinner, and a last minute date night!”

Tegan and Sara’s Twitter People

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