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Restaurants In Brooklyn

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  1. Brooklyn Fare

    Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

    200 Schermerhorn St., Boerum Hill, NY 11201

    We are full time experiencers. Our job, as we see it, is to go out into the world, eat things, and give you some kind of relatable and slightly entertaining opinion of such experiences. All with absolutely no expertise, credentials, or any other legitimate reason for you to listen to us – other than the […]

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  2. Di Fara

    Di Fara Pizza

    1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230

    A $5 slice is not something we are particularly comfortable with. For a slice to justifiably cost that much money, it should probably either be topped with some kind of delicious and rare animal meat (panda?), or be the last f*cking slice of pizza in the world. The $5 slice of pizza at Di Fara […]

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  3. Vinegar Hill House

    Vinegar Hill House

    72 Hudson Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11201

    One of our favorite restaurants, especially in the summer when their incredible back garden is in full swing. Bring some bug spray, eat a pork chop.

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  4. Lucali


    575 Henry St., Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Yes, it can be annoying to deal with an unpredictable situation, but for a pizza this good, we’re willing to deal with it. Lucali is incredible.

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  5. Roberta's


    261 Moore St., Brooklyn, NY 11206

    It’s about time we got to Roberta’s. It is, after all, a ridiculously cool restaurant run by former musicians with a radio station in the back. But for about two years, I thought this was a soul food destination in a part of Brooklyn that I also thought was where the airport was. I should […]

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  6. PaulieGee's

    Paulie Gee’s

    60 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11222

    You know you live in an amazing city when both Paulie Gee’s and Roberta’s exist in it. Most major metropolitan areas would be lucky to have one incredible, inventive pizza restaurant like this, let alone two. And that’s not to mention the countless other legendary, more traditional pizza places we have in New York. At […]

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  7. Marlow and Sons

    Marlow & Sons

    81 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    A funky oyster bar that’s relatively small in size but big on personality. Also, the food is great. Mark this down as an Infatuation favorite.

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  8. Peter Luger

    Peter Luger Steak House

    178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Many of us tri-state area Jews have fond memories of summer camp. We’re shipped off into the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania to learn how to fend for ourselves. Being peer pressured into pulling pranks, lighting firecrackers, smoking weed and of course, going on bunk raids to steal all the girls bras and proudly display for […]

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  9. Fette Sau

    Fette Sau

    354 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new favorite BBQ spot. Situated inside what used to be an old auto body shop, this gutted garage is raging every night of the week.

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  10. The Grocery

    The Grocery

    288 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Even in an age of conceptual gimmicks and celebrity chefs, there’s still room for the little guys who give good kitchen. Most have been driven out of town. Not The Grocery. Carroll Gardens is a hotbed for culinary buzz and new restaurants these days. It’s filled with a plethora of Infatuation approved destinations like Prime […]

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