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Here Are Our Recommendations

  1. Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    A hidden gem of a Mexican bar and restaurant on the Lower East Side that's the ultimate neighborhood hang for fish tacos and tequila.

  2. Sushi Seki is a long-time Infatuation favorite, and we've done enough research to know how you need to order. If you do it up right, your meal will set you back $100 per person. It will also be one of the most satisfying sushi experiences ever.

  3. Photo Credit: Throgers/Flickr

    Bar Agricole is one of the great utility players in the SF dining scene. Perfect For many occasions.

  4. Photo Credit: Lance Skundrich

    Trou Normand is great place to eat cured meats and sip crafty cognac cocktails.

  5. Photo Credit: Christina Slaton

    The Beanie Baby effect, plus delicious ramen at Furious Spoon.

  6. Photo Credit: Holly Liss

    Despite it's extremely tough location, Bierbeisl Imbiss is worth the hassle and so much more.

  7. Looking for the perfect downtown sushi spot to take people when you're not the one paying the bill? Blue Ribbon is your joint. This is one of New York City's signature sushi establishments.