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  1. Ramen Lab

    Ramen Lab

    Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    A bowl of ramen that may straight up move you spiritually. Just don't expect a conventional restaurant.

  2. Photo Credit: Lance Skundrich

    Yuzuki is one of the best restaurants in SF, operating somewhat under-the-radar. Get a reservation while you can.

  3. Sushi of Gari is the best sushi on the Upper East Side. Hands down. It’s not even up for discussion. You know why Sushi Seki is so good? Because the guy who started it learned from Gari himself, Masatoshi “Gari” Sugio. Sushi of Gari’s flagship location and headquarters on 78th Street is a small space. […]

  4. Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    The ultimate neighborhood restaurant. Not everyone knows about Upstate Beer & Oyster bar, but those who do are obsessed with it.

  5. Camino


    Photo Credit: John Joh

    Camino is reason enough to venture over to Oakland. Wood-fired California food done right.

  6. Bar Tartine is, on a nightly basis, the most interesting restaurant in San Francisco.

  7. Raoul's


    Raoul's is the sh*t. This French bistro has been a Soho institution since the 70’s, and if you can't have a good time here, you probably can't have a good time anywhere.