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Restaurants Perfect For Coffee & A Light Bite

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  1. Russ & Daughters

    Russ & Daughters

    179 East Houston Street, Lower East Side, NY 10002

    When the lights went out and the water came flooding, we couldn’t help but wonder if this could be it. If Sandy were to permanently conquer lower Manhattan, what would we have missed the most? A bagel with belly lox, cream cheese, tomato and capers from Russ & Daughters, the LES institution of smoked fish […]

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  2. Westville East

    Westville East

    173 Ave. A, East Village, NY 10009

    Westville East is the ultimate utility spot that delivers the goods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and does it in affordable fashion.

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  3. Northern Spy Food Co

    Northern Spy Food Co.

    511 E 12th St., East Village, NY 10009

    Considering that we started this site four and a half years ago and have now written over 700 reviews, it’s about time that we started going back to the some of the really old ones for a reassessment. All restaurants evolve as time goes on, some for the better, others for worse. Speaking of evolving, […]

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  4. Diner


    85 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Believe it or not, people used to live in Williamsburg because it was cheaper than Manhattan, not because it was cool. Before the hipster invasion began in the late 90′s, the South side belonged to the Hasidim and Peter Luger. Sure, there were always artists, musicians and .com hopefuls living there, but it was nothing […]

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  5. Dimes NY Restaurant


    143 Division St., Chinatown, NY

    And so the transition is finally complete. New York now has each element of the California health food pantheon. It started with the green juice trend. Now we have our own Cafe Gratitude. If you’ve actually been to a Cafe Gratitude in California, you’ll know that I am exaggerating when I make the comparison with […]

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  6. La Bonbonniere

    La Bonbonniere

    28 8th Ave., West Village, NY 10014

    Sometimes you don’t want brunch. Sometimes you want breakfast at noon. There’s a difference. La Bonbonniere is a Village safe haven from all things hollandaise, and one of the best true breakfast joints in town.

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  7. Little Collins

    Little Collins

    667 Lexington Ave., Midtown, NY 10022

    Do a quick internet search with the words “Australia,” “coffee,” and “NYC” and you’ll see about twenty versions of the same article pop up on the topic of Australian coffee culture invading New York. We’ll save you some reading with a summary: Sydney and Melbourne have better coffee than New York, and smart people are […]

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  8. Westville Chelsea

    Westville Chelsea

    246 W. 18th St., Chelsea, NY 10011

    Our love for Westville is well documented. It’s a rare breed of restaurant in this town – a well priced, one stop shop that’s equally reliable for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. It’s healthy when you want it to be, but isn’t afraid to get and down and dirty either. It’s also one of the […]

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  9. Mile End

    Mile End

    97a Hoyt St., Boerum Hill, NY 11217

    Welcome to the greatest Jewish thing to come out of Canada since Rick Moranis. Mile End is a Jewish delicatessen in Boerum Hill named for and modeled after the gentrified Montreal neighborhood by the same name, which has a strong Jewish population and apparently some killer Jewish food. Here in Brooklyn, this place has become […]

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  10. Flinders Lane NYC

    Flinders Lane

    162 Avenue A, East Village, NY 10009

    For some reason, the Australian lifestyle has always appealed to us. It probably has something to do with the sun, the surfing, and all of the awesome animals they have down there. Except for the spiders. F*ck spiders. Lucky for us, one can now get a taste of the Aussie life without risking the chance […]

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