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Restaurants Perfect For Date Night

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  1. Blue Ribbon 97 Sullivan Street

    Blue Ribbon Brasserie

    97 Sullivan St., SoHo, NY 10012

    Stang’s number one favorite restaurant in town. Blue Ribbon Brasserie never disappoints.

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  2. L'Artusi


    228 W 10th St., West Village, NY 10014

    L’Artusi can officially go on our list of favorite restaurants in this town. A few things stand out as qualifications for such an honor – outstanding and consistent food, great service, good music, and some ancillary entertainment that comes in the form of great people watching.

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  3. Allswell


    124 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Sometimes when we head for Brooklyn to check out a restaurant that the locals are all fired up about, we end up disappointed. You quarantined Brooklynites can have a tendency to over-hype your beloved neighborhood staples – staples that sometimes wouldn’t cut it when put up against the big boys in the West Village or […]

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  4. Perla


    24 Minetta Ln., Greenwich Village, NY 10012

    All too often, we find ourselves playing the role of hype-squashers, injecting some much needed reality into a situation when people are falling over themselves because a celebrity chef just opened a restaurant with a master pizzaiolo and an indoor water slide. We don’t particularly like being the ones to point out flaws amidst adoring […]

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  5. Flour + Water

    Flour + Water

    2401 Harrison St., San Francisco, CA 94110

    If you recently downloaded our new iPhone app, you should probably fire that baby up. Even though it’s 3,000 miles away, Flour + Water needs to immediately be added to the top of your Hit List. I recently detoured into San Francisco on my way up to a weekend of wine drunk in Napa just […]

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  6. Vinegar Hill House

    Vinegar Hill House

    72 Hudson Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11201

    One of our favorite restaurants that is 100% worth the trip to DUMBO.

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  7. 20120322-002821.jpg

    Neptune Oyster

    63 Salem St., Boston, MA 02110

    For a moment, we are going to put aside our natural, New York bred distaste for all things Boston, and give some love to one of our favorite restaurants in the country. But only for a moment, because it will take every ounce of my being to keep from talking sh*t about Tom Brady at […]

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  8. Kin Shop

    Kin Shop

    469 6th Ave., West Village, NY 10011

    For some reason, I have always associated Thai food in New York City with faceless BYOB establishments that cater mostly to neighborhood takeout and post-grad dinners out on the cheap. That’s probably my fault, for having yet to make it out to some of the legendary places like Sripraphai, and also for living in Murray […]

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  9. Charlie Bird - NYC

    Charlie Bird

    5 King St., SoHo, NY 10012

    Charlie Bird means New York. Or at least that’s what the introduction on the restaurant’s website says. There’s a Beastie Boys quote up there too, just in case you needed some extra convincing as to just how New Yorky this place is. Tough to argue with that. Now, obviously, no one thing can truly embody […]

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  10. Torrisi

    Torrisi Italian Specialties

    250 Mulberry St., Nolita, NY 10012

    Restaurants like Torrisi are the reason that we spend all of our free time eating and writing about food. If you enjoy consuming as much as we do and aren’t held down by underdeveloped taste buds, allergies or religious beliefs, you’re going to love Torrisi Italian Specialties. By day, Torrisi is the best new sandwich […]

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