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Restaurants Perfect For Dinner with the Parents

our suggestions

  1. Brucie


    234 Court St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

    It’s only been a year since we first wrote about Brucie, a quaint little restaurant in Cobble Hill that reminded us of having home cooked meals from a fictional Italian grandmother in Brooklyn. Since last year’s review, we’ve found ourselves coming back here quite a bit, and we’ve gotta say – grandma’s picked up some […]

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  2. Extra Virgin

    Extra Virgin

    259 W. 4th St. #1, West Village, NY 10014

    Extra Virgin is an Immaculate Infatuation approved establishment for two main reasons. First, this place kills when it comes to fish. Second, it’s the world’s greatest date spot.

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  3. Five Points

    Five Points

    31 Great Jones St., NoHo, NY 10012

    One of the most reliable and universally likeable restaurants we’ve been to, coming through in the clutch time after time.

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  4. Annisa


    13 Barrow Street, West Village, NY 10014

    Annisa isn’t your typical Infatuation style restaurant. It’s a little stuffy. The crowd is on the older side and the atmosphere is not exactly exciting. Also, there is way too much same side seating going on – couples on the same side of the table is always questionable in our book. Doesn’t matter. These standard […]

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  5. Da Umberto

    Da Umberto

    107 W. 17th St., Chelsea, NY 10011

    Old school Italian restaurants. This city is full of them, and everyone has a favorite. Except us, that is. For whatever reason, this sort of dining has never appealed to us for much more than something to do with your third cousins when they come to visit from wherever third cousins come from. I guess […]

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  6. Potager


    1109 Odgen St., Denver, CO 80218

    Two things. First of all, it’s pronounced “puh ta zhay”, you hillbilly. Second, this place is in Denver, which is why you’ve never heard of it. It’s also a restaurant that we love a lot, and it deserves some attention. Potager opened its doors in Denver in 1997, which is pretty much exactly the same […]

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  7. Perilla


    9 Jones St., Greenwich Village, NY 10014

    For almost two years, we’ve been talking about the Thai restaurant Kin Shop so much that we’re essentially taking credit for it now. The conversation almost always goes something like this: Friend: “Dude, you were right, Kin Shop is incredible.” Me: “Yeah, I know. Thanks.” Thanks? Even though we’d love to feel even slightly responsible […]

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  8. Calliope


    84 E. 4th St., East Village, NY 10003

    When was the last time you dined at a French style bistro in NYC? Been a minute, right? And no, Pastis and Balthazar don’t really count. Well, it’s time to mix it up a bit and visit Calliope, a new restaurant in the East Village that’s about as close to a true Parisian bistro in […]

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  9. bw_packed_dining_room_special_event_leila_jacue

    Union Square Cafe

    21 E. 16th St., Union Square, NY 10003

    Union Square Cafe is the epitome of the Classic NYC Establishment. For almost 30 years, it’s been an anchor of New York’s perpetually changing dining landscape. Danny Meyer’s first restaurant has managed to stay relevant, current, and delicious all these years. As it most definitely is for many, the space in between the walls of […]

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  10. Cookshop


    156 10th Ave., Chelsea, NY 10011

    There aren’t many restaurants in New York City that you can count on for an excellent meal regardless of circumstance, and this one is certainly among the few. Breakfast, brunch, and dinner are all amazing, and that Cookshop needs to be on your list.

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