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Restaurants Perfect For Outdoor/Patio Situation

our suggestions

  1. Vinegar Hill House

    Vinegar Hill House

    72 Hudson Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11201

    One of our favorite restaurants, especially in the summer when their incredible back garden is in full swing. Bring some bug spray, eat a pork chop.

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  2. Marlow and Sons

    Marlow & Sons

    81 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    A funky oyster bar that’s relatively small in size but big on personality. Also, the food is great. Mark this down as an Infatuation favorite.

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  3. Shake Shack

    Shake Shack

    Madison Square Park, Flatiron, NY 10010

    I once saw a man at Shake Shack, dressed in a suit and setting a formal table. On the small metal table he placed a white tablecloth, fine silverware, a candle, and some flowers. For a moment, I was overcome with joy at the beautiful event that was about to unfold before me…this man was about to propose to a burger.

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  4. Fette Sau

    Fette Sau

    354 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new favorite BBQ spot. Situated inside what used to be an old auto body shop, this gutted garage is raging every night of the week.

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  5. Pure Food And WIne

    Pure Food And Wine

    54 Irving Place, Gramercy, NY 10003

    You obviously know by now that we’re not vegetarians. At times, this site feels like little more than a lengthy discussion about skirt steak and pork parts. Why then, are we giving so much love to a restaurant serving only raw food? Because while we may not be vegetarians, we are devoted hedonists, and Pure Food and Wine is all about pleasure.

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  6. The Grocery

    The Grocery

    288 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Even in an age of conceptual gimmicks and celebrity chefs, there’s still room for the little guys who give good kitchen. Most have been driven out of town. Not The Grocery. Carroll Gardens is a hotbed for culinary buzz and new restaurants these days. It’s filled with a plethora of Infatuation approved destinations like Prime […]

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  7. Maison Premiere

    Maison Premiere

    298 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Either we’ve aged into silver haired, 30-something hipsters overnight or Williamsburg is just more on our wavelength lately than Manhattan. As you’re well aware, we love drinking almost as much as eating and right now, there’s no better place to find our two beloved pastimes working together in sweet harmony than The Burg. Marlow & […]

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  8. Barbuto


    775 Washington St., West Village, NY 10014

    A trendy spot, but for a more sedate group…not the hair gel and high heels crowd that you find a few blocks north in the meatpacking district. Simple food, top quality ingredients, a good wine and beer list – all the makings of an Immaculate Infatuation mainstay.

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  9. GRAN ELECTRICA, Brooklyn, NY - USA

    Gran Electrica

    5 Front St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

    We’ve done plenty of complaining about the lack of good Mexican food in New York, and to be honest, we’re sick of talking about it. Saying there’s no good Mexican in this city is the tantamount to saying that Times Square sucks. Not exactly breaking news. But today might be the day that we can […]

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  10. Battersby


    255 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

    In a little under a year, Battersby’s spot has been completely blown up. That’s what happens when Bon Appetit puts an under-the-radar gem like this on their 10 Best New restaurants in America list for 2012. And now that Bon Appetit (and everyone else for that matter) has officially put Battersby on blast, the restaurant […]

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