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Restaurants Perfect For Specialty Cocktails

our suggestions

  1. Post Office

    Post Office

    188 Havemeyer St., Williamsburg, NY 11211

    Yea that’s right. A 9.0 rating. For a little whiskey bar in Williamsburg. A little whiskey bar with a tiny, amateur looking kitchen that very well might be operating on nothing but Easy Bake Ovens. But those adorable little ovens are cranking out mind blowingly good food, and you need to know it. A quick […]

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  2. Betony


    41 W. 57th St., Midtown, NY 10019

    God, we’re getting fancy. Not long ago we would have prefaced this review with a “you know, we don’t typically eat like this” disclaimer, followed by some remark about how Momofuku is awesome or something. These days, I’m not sure we can get away with that. Too many tweets from Daniel, and let’s just all […]

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  3. Maison Premiere

    Maison Premiere

    298 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Either we’ve aged into silver haired, 30-something hipsters overnight or Williamsburg is just more on our wavelength lately than Manhattan. As you’re well aware, we love drinking almost as much as eating and right now, there’s no better place to find our two beloved pastimes working together in sweet harmony than The Burg. Marlow & […]

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  4. The Black Ant NYC

    The Black Ant

    60 2nd Ave., East Village, NY 10003

    An excellent Mexican restaurant in the East Village that might feed you bugs. They also might serve you some of the most inventive plates you’ve seen in a while, along with a stiff drink or two. See why we like it so much?

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  5. Prima


    58 E. 1st St, East Village, NY 10003

    We’ve always been fans of The Summit Bar, however we never reviewed it because the food menu is tiny and the door/bouncer/crowd scenario most nights is unbearable. Thankfully, the kings of cocktail decided it was time to add something a little more gastronomic to their resume. We love a pleasant surprise and that’s exactly what […]

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  6. Louro


    142 W. 10th St., West Village, NY

    Were not exactly sure what kind of restaurant Louro is. Chef David Santos is of Portuguese descent, and hints of that heritage are evident in the food here. But this is definitely not a Portuguese restaurant. Some of the best things we’ve eaten at Louro are pasta-type dishes, but it’s not an Italian restaurant either. […]

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  7. ABC Cocina

    ABC Cocina

    38 E. 19th St., Flatiron, NY 10003

    2013 has been a good year for hyped restaurant openings. We’ve already thrown our stamp of approval Carbone and Lafayette‘s way, and the hits just keep on coming. ABC Cocina is Jean-George’s second spot inside ABC Carpet and Home, and picks right where ABC Kitchen left off. Like its predecessor/older brother who they share space […]

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  8. Yerba Buena

    Yerba Buena

    25 Ave A, East Village, NY 10009

    Good drinks. Good food. Good vibe. Incredibly friendly service. What more can you ask for? It may not be new or cool anymore, but we’ve always loved this East Village Latin establishment. You will too.

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  9. Prime Meats

    Prime Meats

    465 Court St., Brooklyn, NY 11231

    An Infatuation go-to from the proprietors of the Frankies restaurants (457 & 17). The menu is heavy and meat-centric, but most everything is incredible, especially the steaks and anything that sounds German, which is pretty much everything. Also, make sure come for brunch.

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  10. Ward3

    Ward III

    111 Reade St., Tribeca, NY 10013

    This one’s been a long time coming. For a solid two years now, Ward III has been our favorite drinking establishment in Manhattan. Sure, there are a plethora of excellent sophisticated watering holes we love, but none more accessible and user friendly than Ward III. We’re always down for a Michael Neff (Co-Owner, Mixologist) conceived […]

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