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  1. Hometown BBQ

    Hometown Bar-B-Que

    454 Van Brunt St., Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Good BBQ is often something you have to travel for. Even in Texas, all the best ‘cue is generally a car ride away. But the way we see it, the anticipation built from a little bit of travel is a good thing. The drive, the sweet smoky aroma upon entry, the line, and then finally […]

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  2. Blue Smoke

    Blue Smoke

    116 E. 27th St, Murray Hill, NY 10016

    A long time Infatuation favorite. This is some of the best BBQ you can find in New York City.

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  3. Bill's Bar & Burger

    Bill’s Bar & Burger

    22 9th Ave., Meatpacking District, NY 10014

    An excellent burger joint reminiscent of the great middle-of-nowhere dives around the country…right in the middle of the Meat Packing District.

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  4. morgans-sidewalk-cafe-600x450

    Morgan’s BBQ

    267 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217

    Over the last five years, the barbecue scene in NYC has improved dramatically. We’re no longer the laughing stock of the league, stuck with Rub, Daisy May’s and Hill Country representing our formerly smoker-less city. We’ll never be Texas, Memphis or The Carolinas, but thanks to a badass group of relocated expats and some learnt, […]

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  5. Pork Slope

    Pork Slope

    247 5th Ave., Park Slope, NY 11215

    What’s the first thing you would do if you won a whole bunch of money? Throw a party? Probably. Travel? That’s what everyone says. Buy a pet rhino and ride him shirtless through the streets of New York? You better pray I never win the Powerball. While all of those choices are plausible ways to […]

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  6. Potlikker


    338 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211

    As far as eating and drinking goes, South Williamsburg is quickly becoming our favorite neighborhood in New York City. This grittier, slightly less gentrified section of this area is home to an all-star list of our favorite restaurants and watering holes – Post Office, Pies & Thighs, Traif, and Maison Premiere just to name a […]

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  7. Zack's Oak Bar - Hoboken, NJ - Immaculate Infatuation

    Zack’s Oak Bar and Restaurant

    232 Willow Avenue, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

    Every neighborhood needs a solid neighborhood hang, and for everyone here in the Immaculate Infatuation New Jersey office (me), that hang is Zack’s Oak Bar and Restaurant. For years now, Zack’s has dutifully served as our go-to spot for a wide variety of eating and drinking-related activities in Hoboken, and we can proudly say that […]

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  8. The Jeffrey

    The Jeffrey

    311 E. 60th St., Upper East Side, NY 10022

    The Jeffrey is an Upper East Side/Midtown East beer garden and espresso bar, with great bar snacks and excellent cocktails. It’s basically the best bar in 20 blocks in any direction. Get a local IPA and a reuben and be happy someone told you about this place.

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  9. Dinosaur_BBQ

    Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

    700 W. 125th Street, Harlem, NY 10027

    If you’ve spent any real time in Central New York, you probably have fond memories of Dinosaur BBQ. If not, just ask one of the 200 people you know who went to Syracuse – they’ll tell you all about it. Back in my Ithaca College days, we’d drive up to ‘Cuse for three reasons: the […]

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  10. burgerjoint25

    Burger Joint Downtown

    33 W. 8th St., Greenwich Village, NY 10011

    Selecting burger favorites is like picking favorite children – it’s nearly impossible because you (supposedly) love them all. But if you look at our rankings, you’ll find Burger Joint and Shake Shack sitting at the top of the heap. We’ll say this, when it comes to a fast food style burger in New York City, […]

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