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Restaurants Perfect For Sports on TV

our suggestions

  1. Reservoir


    70 University Place, Union Square, NY 10003

    Looking for a good place to post up for a night of grubbing, game watching, and beer drinking? This is your spot. On a good day, Reservoir boasts some of the city’s best Buffalo wings and perfect waffle fries.

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  2. Wogies


    39 Greenwich Ave., West Village, NY 10014

    We all get cravings for wings, cheesesteaks and waffle fries sometimes, and when we need to take care of that situation, Wogies is there for us.

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  3. Clyde Frazier's Wine and Dine

    Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine

    485 10th Ave., Hell's Kitchen, NY 10018

    Just to be clear, if there’s a basketball court inside a NYC restaurant, that restaurant is not getting below a 7.0 from us. Especially one that doubles as a shrine to the legendary Walt Clyde Frazier. Please keep that in mind as you read this review. Our love for the Knicks is well documented, so […]

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  4. Good Enough To Eat

    Good Enough To Eat

    520 Columbus Ave., Upper West Side, NY 10024

    The Upper West Side may not be flush with noteworthy dining out options, but they certainly have one meal on lockdown – brunch. Good Enough To Eat has been an institution up in these parts for a good 30 years. It’s essentially like going to eat at your Aunt’s house in the country. You know, […]

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  5. Boulton & Watt

    Boulton & Watt

    5 Avenue A, East Village, NY 10009

    As unfair as it may be, we refused to go into Boulton & Watt for a while because it’s in the same space that once housed Nice Guy Eddie’s, the single most foul smelling bar the East Village has ever sniffed. That place stank like a sweaty sock that had been lodged up a dirty […]

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  6. 208089_173189406065489_159690544082042_428502_898822_n

    The Windsor

    189 West 10th Street, West Village, NY 10014

    Sports bars in NYC usually aren’t filled with females, unless, apparently, you’re The Windsor. These aren’t Eli Manning jersey wearing females either. The women of The Windsor rock Birkin bags, big glasses and knee high leather boots. They work at major fashion magazines and sometimes weekend at Canyon Ranch. Behold the power of Urban Daddy. […]

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  7. Brinkley's


    406 Broome St., Nolita, NY 10013

    From a culinary standpoint, English food is at the bottom of the international totem pole. It’s a cuisine that’s been given a bad rap, one that Brinkley’s is attempting to rectify with their twist on traditional English fare. The space is inviting and pleasant, but the food here isn’t doing the English any favors.

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  8. Wahoos Fish Tacos

    Wahoo’s Fish Taco

    333 Park Ave. S, Murray Hill, NY

    Those of you from the West Coast probably don’t need an intro to Wahoo’s Fish Taco. For everyone else, Wahoo’s is an extremely popular California-based “fast casual” restaurant chain, serving tacos and burritos at very reasonable prices, and “celebrating” the California surf and skate lifestyle by putting Volcom stickers on the cash register. Basically, it’s […]

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  9. Five Napkin Burger

    Five Napkin Burger

    630 9th Avenue, Hell's Kitchen, NY 10036

    The best burger between 8th Ave and the Hudson River, and that ain’t saying much. We’d much rather take the short walk to Burger Joint, HB Burger, or even Five Guys.

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  10. Warren 77

    Warren 77

    77 Warren St., Tribeca, NY 10007

    A terrible attempt at a sports bar in Tribeca. The layout of the space is terrible, the food sucks, and so does the clientele. See you there never.

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