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Restaurants Near Le Poisson Rouge

our suggestions

  1. Joseph Leonard

    Joseph Leonard

    170 Waverly Place, West Village, NY 10014

    Conceived in the spirit of Little Owl, this is a tiny West Village restaurant perfectly engineered for surveying action while you eat. Dinner is generally better than brunch, but it’s a nice place to dine any time of day.

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  2. Minetta Tavern

    Minetta Tavern

    113 MacDougal St., Greenwich Village, NY 10012

    So much hype. We like Minetta Tavern, but come on…everyone needs to chill out. Plus, we don’t approve of restaurants with bouncers.

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  3. Little Owl

    Little Owl

    90 Bedford St., West Village, NY 10014

    A letter to Little Owl, written out of frustration.

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  4. Lupa


    170 Thompson St., Greenwich Village, NY 10012

    Did you know that Affliction makes blazers? Well they do. We saw one at Lupa. On a real person. I suppose just in case you need to dress up that mixed martial arts look you’ve got going on. At this point, you either know, or shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Mario Batali restaurants can […]

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  5. Wong


    7 Cornelia St., Greenwich Village, NY 10014

    We’re not big fans of the word “Pan-Asian.” I suppose it evokes visions of a Saturday Night meal at a PF Chang’s somewhere in Northern Virginia. Even worse is when the word “fusion” is added and used to describe a restaurant’s cuisine – a sure fire indication that the place not only sucks, but probably […]

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  6. Blind Tiger

    Blind Tiger

    281 Bleecker St., Greenwich Village, NY 10014

    We are spoiled in this city…especially when it comes to food, booze, and the general pursuit of things that make us feel good. In a place where pretty much anything you can think of is no further than a cab ride away, it’s easy to become jaded and complain about the few things you can’t […]

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  7. Bar Pitti

    Bar Pitti

    268 Ave of the Americas, Greenwich Village, NY 10014

    Outdoor/Patio Situation at Bar Pitti when it’s nice out. It’s quite the scene. Be prepared for what you’re walking into. This specific block of 6th Ave is primo Celebrity Sightings, it’s the food, Pitti’s classic Italian dishes, that’s the real draw. The crowds out front might suggest that Pitti is an absolute mob scene, but […]

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  8. Kingswood


    121 W. 10th St., West Village, NY 10011

    Wow. How did we not know that Kingswood is such a scene? There are so many single ladies circling that bar that it feels like a perfume-laden shark tank. There’s blood in the water and I’m scared.

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  9. Highlands


    150 W. 10th St, West Village, NY 10014

    Traditionally Scottish, this gastropub brings the likes of cullen skink (fish and potato soup) and haggis (sheep’s ‘pluck’, heart, liver & lungs) to the Big Apple. We like it because it’s a great place to hang out on a cold night and drink brown liquor.

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  10. Emplyoees Only

    Employees Only

    510 Hudson Street, West Village, NY 10014

    Only Employees Only is to thank for NYC’s current obsession with old school cocktailing. They were the pioneers. Without them, there is no Death & Co, Clover Club, Ward III, PDT, Little Branch…the list is endless. Employees Only paved the way and helped change the nightlife landscape in this city. Sure, it’s always been a […]

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