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You know the trusted friends you turn to when you need a solid restaurant suggestion?

In our circle, that's us... and we don't disappoint. We know New York City as well as anyone, and have finally decided to make something of it. Our real jobs are in the music industry, which is part of the reason why we're always out and about. When artists are in town, you want to make sure you're taking them to the best places so that they get the most out of their stop in NYC. We've got shows every week at venues all across the city, and what's a good show without some good food beforehand?

We're not real food critics, so you're not going to hear any pretentious foodie hobnob from us. If you want those kinds of shenanigans, hit up the NY Times, Time Out New York, or New York Magazine and see what the "experts" think. We just like to eat well and advise our friends of where they should spend their money. In a city with so many great choices, is there any reason to eat mediocre food? No dice.

Now that we've met, welcome to The Infatuation. As we continue to grow, we will constantly be working to expand the scope of this site, adding new restaurant reviews every week, and debuting new features and original content that you can't get anywhere else. We hope you visit often and tell everyone you know. Also, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter, and drop us a line any time.

Stay tuned. This is just the beginning.

chris stang

Originally hailing from the great state of Colorado, Chris Stang moved to NYC eight years ago to chase down a dream job in the music business. Now working in marketing for Atlantic Records, Stang has put down roots and fallen in love with New York City – and the food it has to offer.

The best way to understand the mind of this complex man, is to understand his favorite things.


  1. One Liners
  2. Deadwood
  3. (most) Burgers
  4. Muppets
  5. "Luchini" into "She Keeps Passing Me By"
  6. John Elway
  7. Charlie/Dennis/Mac (pre season 6)

andrew steinthal

Andrew Steinthal resides in NYC's East Village but often returns to his hometown "The Dale" (Scarsdale) to visit the greatest culinary institute of his upbringing, The Candlelight Inn. Best wings ever, hands down. Better than Anchor Bar in Buffalo and absolutely better than anything NYC has to offer (there is a serious wing epidemic in NYC).

He loves his job, working on the front line of Warner Bros. Records. An obsessive sports fan, Steinthal spends a little too much time rooting for the Knicks/Yankees/Jets and monitoring his fantasy teams. The best day of his life will be when the Knicks finally win a championship and he can turn to his great-great-grandson and tell him, "it was all worth it."

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"You don’t need to have candles on the table to impress someone who watches 'Top Chef,' because they maybe have a different understanding of what goes into food and restaurants," said Chris Stang ...

"Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal, the founders of - a site devoted to helping you pick the right restaurant - shared their top Warm Weather Dining picks on Good Day New York (4/18/11)"...

"Amid a sea of breathless food blogs, Immaculate is one to bookmark, if only because the writers eschew annoying culinary jargon like "speckled" and "toothsome." Instead, they fill their reviews with humor, attitude, and a never-ending supply of pop culture references."...

"The world was in need of an unpretentious, unapologetic restaurant review website with a difficult name. Immaculate Infatuation was born"...